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Curtis has been a mobile and club DJ since 1981 and has transitioned from records to CD's to digital formatted music. With these transitions, his equipment has evolved with with it - from turntables to dual professional CD players and ultimately to multi-media players. Curtis possesses a wide variety of music that can accommodate multiple types of events, including reunions, block parties, corporate events, holiday parties, graduations, weddings - really any event you can think up.

Curtis also has club experience including a fifteen year run a The Pub at Doral Arrowwood Conference Center and Resort and working at local clubs when opportunities have presented themselves.

"Curt Love" (Curtis' DJ alter ego) has a DJ style that is of the "mixologist" type, like NYC DJ's Shep Pettibone and Mr. Magic. He is a perfectionist when it comes to transitions - the ultimate goal is always for the crowd not to notice that there even was one.